Continuing Education for employees is critical to the growth of an organization. The disciplines of Occupational Safety and Hygiene refer to continuing education as “Training.” Training is a critical element of loss control and a requirement of many Federal and State Regulations.

Historically, occupational training was only available as a direct, face-to-face, presenter-to-student module. Technology has opened a wide array of options from webinars, digital recordings, interactive computer platforms etc.

When selecting your options, please remember three things:

  • Training is only as good as the developer, the presenter, and student participation
  • When feasible and cost-effective, face-to-face is preferred
  • Canned soup and “canned training” both have their respectful functions.  They fulfill but don’t satisfy.  The most effective training is always specifically tailored to the organization and the circumstance.

So this is the substance, the heart of what we do.

Our name AIRES CONSULTING  says it all. Training includes but is not limited to:

A         Arc Flash, Asbestos Awareness, Ammonia, Aerial Lifts, Accident Investigation

I           Indoor Air Quality, Incident Command, Industrial Hygiene (Fundamentals)

R         Right-to-Know,  Respiratory Protection (Fit Testing), Rigging (Basic)

E          Emergency Planning Community Right-to-Know Act, Emergency Response, Ergonomics, Equipment (Personal Protective)

S          Safe Electrical Work Practices, Scaffolding

C          Confined Space, Class K Wastewater, Chemical Spill Awareness, Chemical Hygiene, Contractor Safety

O         Occupational Noise

N         NFPA 70E

S          Safety & Health (General), Spill Prevention (SPCC), Stormwater Discharge

U         U.S. DOL, DOT, EPA

L          Lockout-Tagout, Ladders and Lifts, Laboratory Safety

T          Ten-Hour Construction, Thermal (Heat) Stress, Tier II Reporting

I           Inhalation Hazards

N         Noise (Hearing Conservation),  Powered Industrial Trucks, HAZCOM, Fall Protection, PPE, DOT, Hazmat, Bloodborne Pathogens, Hazardous Waste

G         Guarding (Machine Guarding), Globally Harmonized System (GHS)