Test your Environmental Compliance Knowledge

Happy New Year! As environmental and health consultants, one New Year’s goal we hope all of our clients have is to get a head start on their environmental reporting. Beginning February 1st, annual environmental compliance and EPA reports are due across the industry on the local, state, and federal levels. As you prepare your EPA reports, we ask—how well versed are you on environmental compliance?

Here’s our very own Environmental Compliance quiz! Match the due dates to the appropriate requirements:


March 1st, 2013: ____________________________________________

March 1st, 2013: ____________________________________________

May 1st, 2013: ____________________________________________

July 1st, 2013: ____________________________________________

October 1st, 2013: ____________________________________________


A) Annual Air Emissions Report (AAER)

B) Annual Compliance Cert. Report, Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Form R

C) Emission Reduction Market System (ERMS) Seasonal Report

D) TIER II (Chemical Inventory Report)

E) Hazardous Waste Report

Please note that all requirements may not be applicable to your region or to operations at your facility. Local requirements may be required in addition to this list. Feel free to email us to review the reporting deadlines applicable to your facility.

How did you do? Make sure to comment here or on our other social media sites and tell us how you fared! Stumped? Call us at 1-800-247-3799 or email us at kevinrichards@airesconsulting.com for the right answers! Good luck—and don’t forget to send in your reports!