Risks and Services in an Ever-changing Energy Industry

Over the past decade, there have been some seismic changes in the global energy industry. What had once been a Middle East-centric industry has now spread to every corner of the world. From the fracking boom in the United States, to the growth of nuclear and coal in the rest of the world, the energy industry is changing in ways no one could have foreseen 10 or 15 years ago. With this massive paradigm shift, there has also been the emergence of a whole new set of regulatory, safety, and risk management demands. At Aires, we are acutely aware that each of these changes demands specific action and detailed responses.

Fracking and the North American Energy Boom 

As we mentioned, hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has allowed North America to regain its position as a leader in energy exploration and production. As with any energy exploration process, fracking has some unique potential occupational health hazards. These include exposure to respirable dust, silica quartz, metals, BTEX, byproducts of combustion, H2S, and noise. It is up to the energy companies not only to make maximum profits, but also to care for a hard-to-replace highly skilled workforce.

Coal and Nuclear Power 

It is no secret that both of these industries carry with them well-documented safety issues. Everything from slips and falls to asbestos and metal fumes can cause a range of health and safety problems. It is imperative that companies in these industries require active and ongoing risk assessment.

On top of basic risk assessment, everyone in the energy industry must also be aware of the never-ending task that is regulatory compliance. It can be next to impossible to do without outside help. It is for this reason that no matter which energy sector you work in, you need the team that includes the highest quality CRM, CIH, CSP, CHMM, and PE available.