Post Hurricane Disaster Assistance

Hurricanes are devastating natural events. They leave companies wanting a quick response to assess the damages and develop a plan to get facilities up and running, as quickly as possible. Companies want to minimize the impact to employees, customers and operations.

Natural or man-made disasters often result in health, safety and environmental concerns for people and facilities that need to be addressed in conjunction with restoration. Aires, a Division of Gallagher Bassett, works with clients to ensure that the facilities are brought back online in a safe and environmentally sound manner. Provided services can include:

  • Assessing the air quality for mold and other potential air contaminant exposures from product
    and process chemical exposures.
  • Assessing the facility for asbestos and other
    environmental materials.
  • Assessing environmental impacts (air, land and water) to chemical/product storage facilities on the facility site. Developing responsible plans to address existing exposures and future operation modifications to minimize the environmental exposures to the surrounding areas in the future. Aires’ expertise extends to other needed engineering disciplines to assess the impacted facility. Our associate network accomplishes this by partnering with experienced providers such as A/E, structural and civil engineering firms.