Is OSHA targeting your Business?

Is your industry now a part of OSHA’s newest targeted inspections? Recently, OSHA issued a note saying that it would begin its annual inspection plan under the Site-Specific Targeting 2012 Program. As the main point of this program, workplaces and sites that are considered high risk and have showed a high rate of injuries and loss of work in the past will be affected.

How does OSHA decide if your company should be on the list? They use two different measures: the “Days Away Restricted Transfer Rate” (DART) and the “Days Away from Work Injury and Illness Rate” (DAFWII). Essentially, OSHA will evaluate the number of worker illnesses and injuries, including time spent away from work, and if the rate exceeds a certain standard, then your company will be placed on that list. That’s not all. OSHA has also launched a National Emphasis Program, as well as a Local Emphasis Program, both of which aim to target workplaces with high potential risks. These specific programs focus primarily on chemical exposures, lead, combustible dusts, hexavalent chrome, silica, and amputations, among other hazards.

The targeted inspections differ from other OSHA standards or programs because instead of blanketing industries as a whole, the focus is instead on individual entities that have shown high risks of hazards and high levels of worker injuries or loss of work (what OSHA refers to as “lost production days rate”). Has your company been placed on this list? We can assist you in determining if and where you fall in these programs.