Good Indoor Air Quality Lets You Breathe Easy and Stay Healthy

Many people spend a significant amount of their day indoors, whether at home, at work, or in school. Now that the nicer weather is here and you are enjoying more time outdoors in the fresh air, if the air inside your building seems stale or unpleasant by contrast, it may be that the quality of the indoor air contains a higher than normal level of pollutants and requires remediation.

Poor indoor air quality is one of the EPA’s top 5 environmental risks to public health. Contaminated indoor air occurs when toxic substances combine with inadequate building ventilation, causing problems such as eye, nose, and throat irritation, headaches, sneezing, coughing, and even fatigue. Prolonged exposure can lead more serious health issues, such as asthma. Impurities in the air can be traced to many sources, including mold, asbestos, office equipment, furniture, carpeting, and construction materials. In spring and summer, seasonal allergens and high humidity levels can pose additional IAQ hazards.

As we discussed in our last blog, a well-maintained HVAC system is the best form of preventive medicine for IAQ problems. However, if IAQ issues persist, an examination of the ventilation system design needs to be put on the agenda. Proper ventilation is crucial. A good source of fresh air, adequate filtration, sufficient air movement, and proper exhaust are all required to keep particulates and VOCs out while circulating the fresh and clean air. If you believe your indoor environment is posing a risk, it’s best to seek out an air quality consulting company that can provide a comprehensive package of tests, resources, and advice on how to avoid or eliminate the bad air. Some of the tasks they should perform should include:

  • On-site investigation,
  • Risk assessment,
  • Health effects evaluation,
  • Ventilation studies,
  • Identification of seasonal adjustments, as well as
  • Abatement contracting.

Aires can supply these services and more. Our seasoned team of air quality professionals has worked with a variety of commercial and industrial clients to develop reasonable responses to issues found with regard to a building’s air quality.

It is the responsibility of every employer to provide their workers with a clean and safe workplace. Employees will be more productive and more engaged when they are in a comfortable, pleasant environment, breathing healthy air!