Forensic Architectural Assessments

Assessment Services

  • Building Envelope Assessment
  • Water Infiltration & Condensation Evaluations
  • Mold Assessments
  • Remediation & Repair Design
  • Peer Reviews of Proposed Envelope Design
  • Construction Observation / Troubleshooting

The building envelope (Roof, walls and windows) along with a structure’s foundation represent not only the public face to the world but also the foremost barrier against the elements of nature. As such, it becomes the first line of defense in protecting one’s investment and asset.

A building envelope is exposed to the temperature and moisture extremes that the season’s can dish out. As a result the building envelope must resist water and thermal penetration that could not only cause damage to the physical structure but become a breeding ground for a variety of environmental concerns, most notably, mold.

Likewise, an unprotected foundation and crawlspace can become a conduit for moisture vapor intrusion to the tune of 100 lbs / day / 1000 square feet. This vapor will find it’s way into your structure through any non-sealed penetration, allowing it to contribute to mold growth.

Aires Consulting has the expertise to uncover the root cause(s) of your water infiltration and design it’s repair to protect your asset’s value and future deterioration.