Your Expert Partners in EHS Services

Environmental health and safety—this is an important aspect of any business, and there are many regulations concerning proper compliance. However, many companies do not have the in-house personnel to focus on their EHS; as businesses have had to retract, they have cut back on internal safety staff members, thus providing the need for assistance in certain areas. Some companies may only have one staff member at an EHS level, leaving them with a plethora of health and safety duties. Because of the many responsibilities, they need help on training new and current employees and integrating new regulations into the business. This is where Aires Consulting can step in.

As we are experts on environmental health and safety, we have become partners with many companies where we provide guidance on EHS. Essentially, we come in on an as-needed, contract basis and an extension of the in-house staff in order to address a company’s specific health and safety needs, provide training, and assist with OSHA and EPA compliances.

Our services can range depending on the client’s business; we can review their specialties and current EHS plan and provide expertise in the needed areas. We ensure that your business is up-to-date and current with all state and federal regulations, and we can even work with employees to keep them up to date as well. When it comes to your environmental health and safety, let Aires be your partner.