Defend your Structure’s Building Envelope against the Winter

With the winter season and harsh weather conditions here, it’s important to start thinking about how to protect your buildings and facilities against the conditions. A structure’s building envelope, which includes the roof, walls, windows, and foundation, is in direct contact with these elements, thus leaving it exposed and vulnerable. It’s necessary, then, to ensure its integrity.

With the performance of forensic architectural assessments, we can conduct a comprehensive review of the building in order to identify any potential design or construction defects that could lead to moisture issues within the building, as well as subsequent microbial growth. Our team assesses a structure and determines how best to prevent any water or thermal penetration that could either cause damage to the physical structure or become susceptible to a variety of environmental concerns.

These forensic architectural assessments include a variety of actions, such as:

  • Review of building design and drawings prior to building visit.
  • Visit site to inspect the building envelope, construction materials, HVAC systems, exhaust ventilation, plumbing systems, attics, and chases.
  • Collect moisture readings of building materials in various locations.
  • Perform non-invasive and visual roof inspections.
  • Measure temperature and relative humidity levels in the building.

Together, we can help ensure the integrity of the building envelope during the winter months with our forensic architectural assessments. Our team of engineers, architects, industrial hygienists, and scientists will determine the best mode of protection for your facility’s building envelope.