Building Sciences

Building Sciences – You have invested time and treasure in your infrastructure and real estate.  Despite the best preventative maintenance practices, things do go wrong;  FIRE, FLOOD, SPILLS, PHYSICAL PROPERTY DAMAGE, FAILING BUILDING ENVELOPE, HVAC OR CONTROLS MALFUNCTION, MOLD, ASBESTOS, OCCUPANT COMPLAINT……

We can help!  Collaboration between our departments makes us unique.

We understand buildings, mechanical systems and construction. Our staff and depth of experience allows us to seamlessly transition from light and heavy industrial settings, to commercial office buildings with subtle indoor air quality concerns, to sensitive operating rooms involving medical intervention.  We have seen it all.

We understand a multitude of regulations including employee health & safety and environmental regulations.  We understand contractual relationships and the sometimes not so subtle issues between labor and management.  It is our position that if you don’t have the capability to integrate issues from each of these when providing consulting guidance, the guidance:

It just might be right – or – it might just be partially right

Here is a brief summary of Building Sciences Services.  Click a title to learn more.  We should all learn something new every day!