Building an Effective Hearing Conservation Program

By now most companies know about OSHA’s regulations concerning noise levels in the workplace. But even with these rules in place, noise-induced hearing loss claims (NIHL) claims have not magically disappeared. They still make up a large portion of occupational disease claims, and we have the expertise needed to help you, whether you’re taking the proactive approach or reacting to a recent NIHL claim.

Many employers have put Hearing Conservation Programs (HCPs) into effect, but what you may not know is that nearly half of companies’ HCPs are not effectively preventing noise-induced hearing loss. It’s essential that proactive steps are put into place prior to an employee’s hearing loss.

If you are developing a HCP of your own, we can help you ensure that it quickly detects hearing loss and reacts to it. The goal is to stop hearing loss before it is a disability. We examine a number of factors in our cost-effective HCP performance reviews, like whether hearing protection is effective based on anticipated noise levels and what can be done to make your HCP more effective at reducing loss potential. We will find your plan’s strengths and weaknesses and let you know how to improve it. Another service we offer is the review of your current NIHL claims. By sifting through the data we can determine, objectively, if the claimant’s exposure to workplace conditions could have resulted in noise-induced hearing loss.

As you can see, we have the experience and the know-how to help you with noise-induced hearing loss claims, before and after they’re on the books. Come to us for a confidential, cost-effective review today.